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Stay Safe from Two of the Newest Ransomware Viruses

Ransomware is a beast for sure. It has a sneaky way of flying under the radar and is always changing so it’s hard to detect it. To help you stay safe, we’re letting you know of two new ransomware viruses that have recently come to our attention and could seriously impact your computers.
You might know or heard about CryptoXXX, Cerber and even Petya, but how about MIRCOP or Bart? The last two are new ransomware viruses desperately trying to get into your computer and cause you all kinds of virus problems.

MIRCOP is particularly nasty. They are turning the tables by making themselves look like the victim with YOU as thecommon computer viruses perpetrator! Hard to believe? Well, it gets worse. They send notices to you claiming that you have stolen bitcoins from them and that the only way they will leave you alone is if you pay them $33,000 USD to solve the matter. They claim to know a lot of your personal information and this, of course, lures people in simply by using the fear tactic. HOWEVER—this particular virus company has yet to actually collect any of this money, as most people aren’t going to give them the time of day once they see that amount! If you see anything at all with the name MIRCOP, close it, do NOT open any attachments, and just be aware of your activity.

BART is another ransomware virus out right now. While your files are not encrypted, what it does do is steal your files and put them in a password-protected zip file, making them inaccessible to you. The file name will change to something with Bart in it, and once this has happened to all your files, you have no recourse. They will send you a ransom demanding of at least $1800 and at that point, the damage has already been done.

So what do you need to know?

First, both of these new ransomware viruses get spread through the use of email, so NEVER open anything that has either of these names in it. It’s especially important not to click on any links.
Second, call Tech Sentries TODAY and let us protect your computer and all the files you have without ever having to even think about it! We provide Proactive Whitelist Virus Protection and can provide encrypted backup so you don’t have to. Tech Sentries will give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your computer safety, so call us today and find out how easy it really is!

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