• AGENT is on the job all day, every day, even when you are not. Always monitoring activity in real time, looking for any signs of an attack on your PCs.
  • AGENT automatically keep your PC’s up-to-date to provide an ongoing defense against known malware before it can execute It also watches for out-of-the-ordinary activity that might indicate a potential intrusion.
  • AGENT is on duty and active 24/7 to monitor and protect your personal and business computers.
  • AGENT has a goal. It is to identify and protect your system from both inside and outside threats, attacks, and breaches so that you don’t have to.
  • AGENT blocks any undesirable activity. AGENT blocks viruses, malware, and even annoying, unwanted pop-up ads.
  • AGENT runs autonomously, allowing only known good programs to operate on your computer. When information is incoming, AGENT, in effect, checks its identity. If it not on the whitelist, the application is not allowed to execute.
  • AGENT functions in real time, identifying potential problems before they ever do harm to your business or home computers.
  • AGENT updates drivers and vulnerable software so you never have to worry and your devices are always operating at maximum speed and efficiency.
  • AGENT delivers detailed descriptions of all relevant activity, like any security professional should. You are never in the dark, never wondering if your business or personal computers are safe.
  • AGENT helps YOU Guard Your Technology. You can work worry-free all day and rest peacefully at night.

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