• SHIELD and AGENT work together to fortify the defenses for your digital devices.

An article in the Harvard Business Review recently observed that “our best hope to defend against … hacking is by using AI (artificial intelligence).” It is important for business owners to understand that AI is necessary to defend against the increasing volume of cyberattacks and the human problem of programming errors.

Tech Sentries’ SHIELD is like a medical professional practicing preventive medicine. Just as your family doctor studies to learn symptoms and applies that knowledge to keep you and your family healthy, SHIELD does the same for your family of computers.

  • SHIELD processes volumes of data that would be impossible for humans to do.
  • SHIELD actively identifies malicious content and activity, predicts potential attacks, and protects your system against them.
  • SHIELD operates continuously, doing real-time analysis.
  • SHIELD monitors and learns patterns to identify emerging threats.
  • SHIELD deploys smart algorithms against statistical models to prevent similar events occurring on your computers in the present and future.
  • SHIELD spots potential threats before they can become real. Its capabilities go far beyond just monitoring your digital technology.
  • SHIELD identifies malicious relationships between domains, internet service providers, and networks.
  • SHIELD analyzes the information that it tracks and gathers so that it can predict what kind of attacks your technology to which you may be vulnerable
  • SHIELD protects your computers against predicted vulnerabilities.
  • SHIELD’s capability evolves as it learns. You computers become better protected every day.
  • SHIELD identifies both suspicious and trusted users
  • SHIELD operates seamlessly and silently.
  • SHIELD Helps You Guard Your Technology.

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