old methods cant stop ransomware

Why Old Methods Can’t Stop Ransomware

March 30, 2017
During the American Revolution, sentries guarding encampments reportedly shouted, “Halt! Who goes there? Friend or foe?” As far as we know, there are no statistics that indicate how many foes identified themselves as such – or lived to tell about it. Ransomware is not easily identified As of this...
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computer problems Myrtle Beach

Top Ten Computer Problems Your IT Specialist Can Fix Remotely

Remote IT support has come a long way, with many IT issues able to be solved without having the device in hand. An IT technician can usually speak with the user and handle most issues remotely. This means you don’t have to live in the same city as the IT expert. It also means that they must be able...
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computer encryption Myrtle Beach

Computer Encryption and How it Works

Keeping others from being able to see the content on your computer is your right. No justification is needed—only appropriate action. In today’s political climate, computer security is one of the most common questions we are asked here at Tech Sentries. These questions often deal with protecting you...
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ransomware Myrtle Beach

Cerber Ransomware Kicks Into High Gear During Post-Holiday Shopping

After a relatively calm period, the researchers at Microsoft are warning that the ransomware known as Cerber has resurfaced stronger than ever. The target audience? Holiday and post-holiday shoppers. It also targets the data files of enterprise businesses. Most of us are a little more aware of th...
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Ten Computer Repair Myths

If you’re like most of us, it’s hard to know what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to computer repair. We thought we’d take some common myths and shed some light on what you really need to know. Slow computers need to be reformatted. This is perhaps one of the most common myths out there...
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Which Generation Is More Likely To Fall Victim To Online Scammers?

Did you know that elderly people aren’t necessarily the most likely to be scammed online? Well, the Better Business Bureau issued a report stating that its Millennials and Generation X’ers who are the most likely to be a victim of scammers. The reason? The elderly population are far more likely to a...
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