free wifi zone

free wifi zoneCarrying a laptop, notebook, or other mobile device wherever one goes is so commonplace now that even kids in the backseat have Wi-Fi access to the internet over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house. Before you point a finger at the kids, just remember, you started it – and you are carrying your device wherever you go, too.

Because you do, because you need to guard your technology, and because we care, here are a few tips for ensuring your internet security when you are on the go, before your personal information is going, going, gone.

Avoid Public Charging Stations

But, they are so-o-o convenient! Exactly – and therein lies the rub. They are so convenient that they are an attractive, ubiquitous, and convenient tool for hackers. As soon as you plug into the USB port your device and all the data on it is conveniently accessible. For hackers, the practice of Juice Jacking is like taking candy from a baby. Carrying your own portable charger if you expect to need to juice up on the go.

Create and Use a Virtual Private Network

The operative word here is “private.” Your VPN virtually guards your technology while using publicly shared networks. Think of your network as a wire insulated to keep it protected from all of the other wires in the same conduit.

Disable Shared Settings

Don’t leave home without doing this: turn off all sharing enabled on each device accompanying you on the trip. You probably locked the doors to your house when you departed, unless you like to keep them open just in case anyone wants to use it while you are gone. Lock the doors; turn off sharing.

Ethernet as a Business Essential

Your business data and technology is too valuable to expose it to public Wi-Fi access. Avoid Wi-Fi by having a business ethernet, ethernet-enabled mobile devices, and traveling with an ethernet port.

Beware of Bluetooth

You don’t need to worry about Blackbeard pirating your information via Bluetooth, but there are plenty of others who are ready and willing to grab the bounty on your business devices when you least expect it. It’s Bluetooth. It must be secure. Not.

Guarding your technology does not have to involve elaborate evasive tactics. It just takes an awareness of potential dangers and taking a few, common sense steps to ensure the safety of your data and devices.

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