computer threats

computer threats

A recent publication summarized the Top Five threats to your computer security. Tech Sentries mission is to help you “Guard Your Technology.” One of the ways we do that is by making you aware of potential threats to your computer system.


Denial of Service attacks disrupt servers and networks connected to the internet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to create the attack. )“Attack Packages” are affordable and readily available on the black market.) However, mitigating an attack typically requires technical experts like Tech Sentries.

Phishing is the practice of sending fake emails or other kinds of bait to you to collect your user information. Phishing is difficult to detect because it looks like so many innocent communications. Aside from collect personal or business information, the biggest threat may be that you become reluctant to share basic information with anyone.

APT threats attack your computer network through the proverbial back door. These attacks use malicious code to gain system credentials, proprietary information, and other data. Malicious codes may sit dormant on your system until detected by a tech security professional.

Cyber-crime Syndicates are like any other criminal syndicates. They don’t just “follow the money.” They are out to get the money. Ransomware falls into this category as does Identity Theft and emptying of bank accounts.

Hacking is an umbrella of multiple types of attacks intended to gain large amounts of enterprise company and customer information. Retail – online or brick and mortar – healthcare, and other businesses with a large consumer base are particularly vulnerable, but they are not the only targets of cyber threats. You and your business could be too.


Threat AKA Frequency
Network and Application Attacks Denial of Service (DoS) Very Common
Social Engineering Phishing Common
Advanced Persistent Threats APT Increasing Annually
Organized Cybercrime Cybercrime Syndicates On the Rise
Major Data Breaches Hacking, etc. Constantly in the News


Connecting any device to the internet exposes it to potential threats. Security is not a matter of convenience. It is a necessity. Being aware of the threats is a starting point to guarding your valuable technology.

Tech Sentries is always on duty helping you “GUARD YOUR TECHNOLOGY” at all hours of the day and night. Don’t wait. Contact us today. (843-282-2222).